Product characteristics / Low noise - High efficiency and Multi types

low noisehigh efficiencymulti types


Lower noise

In the aerodynamic、airvolume and pressure concerning under the influence of interactive, CHC still put the lower noise factor into the design of important areas.


Under the fans and blowers operation produce the volume, affects the sense of hearing and the work is called the noise, is one of environmental damages.
it can be the blower design and manufacturer technology ability dividing line,under the regular long-term process,maintains the stable quality and the acceptable volume is the factory and the customer tacit understanding is.
High noise level of blower that influence surrounding staff's work,rest and nervous system. Or lives in business mixing zone in the tranquil place, easy to encounter the neighbor's reporting and receive the ticket from environmental protection bureau.Selects and purchases the inappropriate blower, that can be the puzzle source.
Blowe's noise occurrence, may induce into the following several points:

A.Impeller's rotation

The impeller rotating knock-on with air,higher wind speed and air pressure,so with higher noise.


B.Impeller causing turbulence

There is a whirlpool when atarting th blower with both sides of it,generatingnoise and reducing fan efficiency.


C.Has the turbulence

Blower doing work moves air flow ,the flowing path meets obstacle , then resulting in increased eddy current and airfriction.


D.With all around resonates

The mini size blower vibration, has the enlargement originally because of outside structure's resonating, slightly to links air blower's air hose, to public works' floor may be the resonating medium greatly.


E.Blower without propper design

Designs and so on blower's structure, bearing, motor, belt set, gear, proportion balanced not properly, will have the unusual hit to have the noise.





High efficiency

To AMCA standard test out 85% blower efficiency that you can feel the electricity charges down 10% to 30% each year with promoting the product performance.


In the age of reducing the carbon demand, high efficiency blower becomes one of choice of product considerations.
In the case of long-term operation,
Electricity costs in three to five years will beyond the cost of blower ,reducing electricity charges 10% to 50%, will be the choice of priorities.

Fans and blowers, generally be the key of promotes produces in the industrial production and the system regulation.
In many actual cases, uses a better blower to be able to help the spanning production system regulation upper limit the barrier, to solution most universal demand , namely promotion industry competitive power.





Multi choice

The most complete ventilation and exhaust application for select the type of accommodation to the blowers so that CHC to meet your needs.

Fan and blower in the industry field, few for sole operation, usually for the different amount of wind, the wind pressure, the blower volume's interactive utilization and coordinates, can have complete blower series matching, the related specialized ability and the coordinate tacit understanding blower manufacturer, can in the equipment establishment and module matching, brings the better cooperation experience.